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Case for Support

Bow Valley Agricutural Society & Indus Recreation Center

Expansion Initiative


Growing Together!!!


The Project - Case for Support Statement

The Bow Valley Agriculture Society (BVAS) has been serving the close knit communities of Indus, Langdon and the surrounding rural area in the SE corner of Div 4 of the Rocky View County for over 40 years. The goal of this expansion is to create a gathering place to meet the growing needs of the county and community as well as benefit neighbouring communities like Chestermere and Calgary.

Dedicated to promoting the well-being of families and individuals through sports, recreation and community programs, the mission of the BVAS is to encourage community spirit for individuals/families living in our rural community through integrity and professionalism, and to develop and maintain facilities, enable volunteers, support programs and related services based on community needs.

Stakeholders are all proud of this facility and the many years of community experience it has provided. The demand has rapidly increased in the past ten years with growth in Langdon, the rural area and other communities surrounding Indus. This expansion will provide a place for all generations to come together to build happy and healthy lives through sports recreation and community programming. Youth programs are literally bursting at the seams. The Indus Minor Hockey Assoc. (IMHA), our biggest user, are required to share ice times for practices, often forcing teams to practice on half ice only. Both the IMHA and the Indus Ringette club are often required to rent ice surfaces in other communities 30-45 minutes away. Growth in adult sports and recreation and senior activities has come to a complete halt, as we are unable to support any new programs.

After over ten years of planning, with community input and support we are launching a fundraising campaign to raise approximately seven million dollars to develop an additional NHL size ice surface by 2021, and upgrade the existing facility and grounds. As a result there will be an opportunity for year round ice availability, spaces for meetings, events, coaches and referee rooms.

Not only will the expansion increase the recreational opportunities in the winter, it will also create new opportunities and enhance existing summer programs like agricultural shows, clinics and seminars, 4-H community events, and many additional dry pad programs such as lacrosse, roller derby, pickle ball and baseball as well as adult and senior programming. The vision is that the current site will be transformed to a hub of activity for all ages and groups.

Envision the Future

Over the next two-three years, BVAS will undertake the task of making it happen. The success of this exciting venture can only happen with your support. We are well on our way with received and pledged funds through support from the county, the Bill Herron Foundation, fundraisers and corporate, individual and in-kind donations. With expected provincial and federal support, your participation, whether cash, volunteering or in-kind will help this special community to engage in the creation of a place where lasting memories are made, places where futures begin.

Fulfilling the needs of a growing community takes time, dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and above all, community support.  Working together, we can see this happen.

You are invited to participate wholeheartedly!



A Close Knit Community 

It is a cold, wintery night in Indus. The smell of coffee, food and excitement fill the air. On the ice, the Indus Pee Wee team is practicing in Arena II, while the Bill Heron arena is filled with fans as the Indus Lightning are playing a dynamic ringette game against Airdrie. 

But all the action is not just on the ice.

In the new meeting room, a local youth group is holding a workshop on career options. Dozens of men and women are using the weight room and the track is filled with a local seniors walking group. This is just a typical night at the Indus Recreation Centre. The vision of the new Indus Recreation Centre is: 

A gathering place to meet the growing needs of the county and community.

A New Facility: Imagine it Now! 

Indus is a hamlet found east of the City of Calgary, which serves the citizens and communities of southeast Rocky View. Demand for sports and community programming has tripled in the past ten years with growth of the nearby community of Langdon and the rural area surrounding Indus.

Our area youth programs are literally bursting at the seams. Most of the minor hockey programs share ice times, forcing players to practice on only half the ice. Our growing ringette program is forced to obtain ice in other communities as far as 30 minutes away. Growth in adult sports has come to a halt, as we are unable to support any new programs. 

Indus Rec BVAS Brochure November 15,2021_Page_1_0.jpgIndus Rec BVAS Brochure November 15,2021_Page_2_0.jpg

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