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Bow Valley Agricultural Society Membership Fee

The BVAS is charging a membership fee to all individuals/families who utilize the facility as a minor sport group, Indus Preschool member, adult sport group, or community member. Our membership year will run September 1 until August 31.

The purpose of the fee is to provide information to our Administration for Insurance, AAAS grant information, County of Rocky View membership information. The Bow Valley Agricultural Society will also use this information to send facility information, notice of special meetings or AGM, facility closure notice and program information.

The idea behind the membership is a user fee to help support the maintenance of the Recreation Centre that includes the Ice Arenas, Ball Diamonds, Banquet Hall, Meeting Room, Preschool and the general upkeep of the Indus Recreation Centre.

Our membership fee will be $30.00 per Family and $15.00 per single. Single memberships are for members over 18 years of age. Families with youth involved in minor sports must purchase a family membership. Youth under 18 years of age cannot purchase a single membership. BVAS memberships must be purchased prior to registration in all Programs.  

Members are to provide the following information:

  • Name of family members
  • Activities involved in
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address

Membership provides:

  • Membership skate accessibility for free
  • Afternoon, morning drop-in skate for free
  • Sticks and Pucks for free
  • Parent and Tot Program for free
  • Free Drp-in pickleball
  • Community Fall Dinner, Community Halloween Skate, Christmas Family Night, Society Tournament
  • Newsletter

A member is entitled to the privileges and responsibilities of membership including voting at the Annual Meeting and special general meetings, except in respect of Associate and Corporate NonVoting Members who will not have the right to vote described herein. Each member is entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting and any special general meeting. Members must be 18 years and older.

User Groups shall be responsible for making sure their members have purchased an annual membership prior to registration into their programs. Adult teams please have your skaters purchase an online membership prior to September 1. 

If you have not purchased a 2020-2021 Membership and still wish to please click on the membership tab and follow the steps. 

Purchase Indus Rec Membership

Title Price
2021/2022 Individual Membership $15.00 Purchase an Individual Membership
2021-2022 Family Membership $30.00 Purchase a Family Membership